Our strategy and business model 

Petroskandia is focused on exploration with the objective to grow organically. Our strategy is to improve our technical understanding and thereby to develop new plays. We achieve this by using the latest technology and by building teams of talented and experienced people. 
Petroskandia target geologic basins with evidence of a working petroleum system based on the following characteristics: 
1. Seismic de-risked prospects
- New seismic and/or re-interpretation should “light up” 
2. Emerging Basin preference
- Under explored areas

Explore, Develop and Reinvest



Our business model


Petroskandia's business model is to generate shareholder value through exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Petroskandia is focused on organic growth, which involves identifying prospective areas and then establishing a team of professional technical staff with experience in those areas to use the latest technologies to explore for oil and gas. 
Commercial discoveries will be progressed through the development phase to the production stage if deemed to be economic. Future cash flow generated from production will be reinvested in exploration and development in order to grow further.